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After we’re finished playing around with the images it’s time to share our creative vison. There have never been so many different ways to share images. The digital image can find its way into books, greeting cards, framed prints, digital photo frames, internet galleries, television sets and DVD’s. We can post images on Facebook, Twitter we can send images to friends via email or display them on wide variety of portable devices.

Each of the methods for sharing the images requires digital files that meet certain technical specifications so they appear correctly on the different size screens or printed pages. Using programs like Aperture and Lightroom makes it easy to export different sized images for the different display methods. And these programs can also apply the appropriate sharpening and tonal modifications that may be required for printing on different photo papers or display on various photo sharing sites.

Creating “slideshows” is another great sharing opportunity. Most of the image management software contain utilities for the creation of great looking presentations that can also contain narration and music. The other utility often found in these programs is web gallery creation. Getting your images out on the web for others to view and comment on creates an opportunity to connect with others who share your passion. This type of sharing is one of the greatest benefits of participating in the Digiphotoarts.

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