Do you have an area of photography that you want to develop? Do you have a type of subject you like to shoot? Do your have ideas or feelings you want to share in visually creative ways?

What is that you want to express with your images?

These are some of the questions you might ask yourself as you develop your personal visual style. When you pick up a camera and begin to make images, your vision, or lack of vision, is subconsciously effecting you. The goal is to develop your vision and then use all the technical skills of composition and camera operation to express that vision.

Think of an athlete who practices basic skills over and over until they become so much apart of the performance they require little of no conscious thought. The focus is on the creative application of those basic skills during the game to achieve a victory. Matching up against all the obstacles of the encounter including weather, equipment problems, skillful opponents etc..

The world of image making is similar. Our game begins when we pickup the camera. What determines where it’s pointed? What determines the lens setting, the exposure, the composition? It all depends upon what we are trying to visualize.

If we are documenting an event, who’s in the picture and what’s in the background that might help define the essence of the experience. Are we exposing correctly so we have as much information as possible to work with when it’s transfered to the computer. And what adjustments do we make to the image in the digital darkroom to further reinforce what we are trying to express. Maybe we intend to create a collage of images to better represent the event. What software and techniques do we use to combine the images in a way that reinforces our vision.

Finding and evolving our creative vision requires some mental, emotional and spiritual considerations. Learning about the aesthetic and technical skills of digital imaging also requires some commitment. The goal in the Digiphotoarts is to acquire a working knowledge for each of the digital imaging skills and understand how they all work together to help us better express our vision.

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