Digiphotolife.com is about having fun with digital photography for life. Yes it’s a hobby or even a profession, but along the way we get hooked and all of sudden it becomes part of our life experience. Digital cameras are all over the place and of course the internet has become the distribution and display venue for millions of people around the world. Digital photography has made it possible for a whole new generation of people to make photography part of their lives.

There are lots of pieces and parts to the digiphoto experience and Digiphotolife.com focuses on what they are and how they work together to help us all evolve our personal photographic vision.

The blog dives into the different ways we can work with our digital images and other digital resources in creative ways. The goal is to build a community of people who love to explore, develop and express their creative spirit through today’s stunning digital photography tools.







I’m Richard Altman the guy behind the blog…If you have questions, comments or ideas-fire off a message here.

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